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14 Ways to Fight Loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness that makes you feel isolated or separated from the world. The feeling of loneliness is so intense that even if you are surrounded by millions of different people you can still feel lonely. Feeling lonely is a common phenomenon and can be experienced by anyone of any age or gender.

There are millions of people fighting loneliness every day. It is absolutely normal to feel lonely at times but if the feeling becomes a part of your life, you need to take steps to knock out the feeling of loneliness.

Here are some 14 different ways to fight loneliness.

1. Listen to music: Listening to pleasant and joyful music will surely lift up your mood and you will start feeling happy. When you get engrossed on your favorite music, you get transferred to a different world where it becomes really difficult to focus on negative thoughts. Plus, music also boosts levels of the hormone dopamine which help to get excited. So, next time whenever you feel lonely, just take a break and listen to your favorite music.

2. Watch television: Recent studies have come to the conclusion that like music, television can also help you to feel less lonely. It has been observed that when people are lonely they prefer to watch their favorite TV shows. They use television as a means to make themselves feel better. Different TV shows act in a way to buffer the negative emotions that can make one feel lonely and help them to come up with the feeling of social. However, people who use television as a means to fight loneliness may become reliant and avoid social interactions.

3. Get some sunlight: Go for a morning walk or a jog so that you get exposed to morning sunlight as well as fresh air. While sunlight will increase your vitamin D level that helps fight depression, fresh air will lift up your mood. When it comes to enjoying sunlight, you need to go out early morning or late afternoon in order to avoid the harsh UV rays of the sun. The harmful rays of the sun can cause sunburn and also increase of risk of skin cancer.

4. Laugh and smile more: Laughter is the best medicine to fight loneliness. Laughing and smiling can make you as well as others feel better and happy. Laughter releases endorphins in the body and suppresses your anger as well as lightens your mood. Next time when you feel lonely go out and pass smiles to others. As soon as you get back a smile from others you will feel happier naturally.

5. Eat comfort food: You can even decrease your feelings of loneliness by eating comfort foods like chocolate, mashed potato, ice cream, chips and so on. While such foods can put you at a higher risk of becoming an obese, but these foods can actually help a lot to fight loneliness. Some researchers at Buffalo University, New York, did a thorough research on this topic and finally came to the conclusion that “comfort food can serve as a ready-made, easy resource for remedying a sense of loneliness.” You can also fight loneliness by eating foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

6. Find a new hobby: Another easy way to fight loneliness is to have a hobby. If you do not have a hobby you can find a new one in the form of dancing, cooking, gardening, craft, reading and so on. These are some of the hobbies that you can do from the comfort of your own apartment. If you feel you can join some hobby classes where you can also get the chance to meet new people. So, instead of sobbing about how lonely you are, take up a new activity or hobby and get yourself busy.

7. Start writing: It is a fact that pen can be your best friend especially when you are lonely. Just take a piece of paper and express yourself. At times people do not express properly in front of others but through writing they can open up their heart and share all their feelings and emotions. Once you are done with your writing, take a break and then come again and read out whatever you have written. You will feel more relaxed and the feeling of loneliness will vanish away.

8. Travel around: Instead of sitting alone in a room, go and explore new places. You will be amazed to know that loneliness disappears when you travel. You can travel to a nearby park or any other holiday destination located nearby. However, if it’s possible go and discover a new city, village or new cultures, custom and tradition. See new things means there will be no time to even think about feeling lonely, let alone be lonely.

9. Indulge in physical activities: Avoid the feeling of loneliness by participating in sports or any physical activity that you like. This is one of the best ways to deal with stress and mental trauma. Any kind of physical activity will release endorphins, a kind of hormone that can lift up your mood. Also it can distract your mind from loneliness and help you to remain healthy. In addition, it can give you opportunities to meet people with similar interests.

10. Keep a pet: Pets can be your best friends. In fact, many people keep pets to replace the human interaction they are lacking. It has been found pet can be a delightful companion when those in the elder community are no longer able to enjoy the social activities they once relied on. There are also a number of other health benefits associated with pet ownership. However, sharing your emotions with a pet is a good idea but you must not avoid human relationships.

11. Talk a long walk: Next time when you are feeling low, try going for a walk or meditation. A slow walk amidst Mother Nature can rejuvenate you and help you feel better. Go for walks and literally take the time to enjoy the gifts from Mother Nature. Often due to our busy lifestyle we do not get the time to appreciate the small things. You might meet a nice person to chat to on that walk. In addition, many doctors believe that 30 minutes of brisk walking is just as (if not more) effective as some of the most prescribed antidepressants.

12. Sleep properly: To fight loneliness it is important to work hard to get your sleep. In fact, broken sleeep or feeling sleep during the day are indicators of loneliness. Insufficient sleep under any circumstances is not at all good for the health. So it’s important to tackle this issue by taking professional help if required.

13. Have an active social life: Irrespective of how busy you are you need to spend time with your loved ones. It can be very difficult to meet new people, or make new friends, but it is definitely possible to talk to loved ones. So next time you are feeling low, don’t hesitate to call a loved one or go to meet a family member or close friend. The persons you know may be able to cheer you up and you can also share pleasant past memories with them.  Always bear in mind that to avoid loneliness, you need both a social circle and an intimate attachment.

14. Help others: Being able to put a smile on someone else’s face can help you to lighten up as well as forget about your loneliness. By volunteering for an organization that works for the well being of the society, you get to use your time in a way that will make you feel good. You can visit some orphanage or senior citizens day center and interact with people living there. Your small acts can bring smile to those unprivileged people which in turn will surely warm your heart.

Loneliness is different for everyone and so you need to find out which of the above mentioned options work for you. Follow your heart and you can easy find a way to fight your loneliness and move forward in life.

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