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14 Steps to Lose Weight

When you have the right body weight, the chances are high of improving your health and quality of life and to stay away from various weight-related health problems. At the same time you will also feel confident and happy from within. Well, maintaining the right body weight is something that many people find it really tough. This often results in extra pounds and people look for ways to shed the extra weight.

Lose weight


Losing a few pounds is not at all a difficult task as many people have done it successfully. When trying to lose weight, you need to believe in your goals and have a positive attitude. This will give you a better chance of succeeding in your weight loss program.

Here are 14 steps to lose weight.

1.Maintain a personal food diary:

When you wish to lose weight, it is very essential to keep a track of what you are eating throughout the day. You can easily keep a track of your eating habit by maintaining your own personal food diary. Be honest and write down about everything you have consumed including beverages throughout the day. At the same time record your portion sizes in your food diary. This will help you to count the number of calories along with the nutrient properties of the foods you have eaten. Once you have the data in front of you it will become easier for you to judge what you should avoid eating and what you should eat more.

2.Avoid skipping meals:

Many people try to skip meals when they wish to lose weight. This is something you must not do as it is not a healthy option to choose. To keep yourself healthy it is essential to eat at least three proper meals in a day. Also it has been found that people who skip meals tend to eat more while having their next meal as they feel more hungry. When you are hungry, the body tends to absorb more calories as it goes into the starvation mode. This affects your metabolism rate also.

3.Walk for one hour daily:

Make regular walking your habit in order to lose weight and keep your body in shape. Walking is a kind of moderate physical activity that everyone should try. Take a morning walk in a nearby park for about half an hour. This is a great way to start the day and fresh air will keep you refreshed and motivated throughout the day. Again in the evening before taking your dinner go for three miles of brisk walking. Also during the day time it is important to get up and walk around the office or your home for five minutes at least every two hours. In case there is no walking space in your home or office, then simply climb the stairs three to four times a day.

4.Physical exercise:

Introduce some basic aerobic or cardio exercise in your daily routine. If you do not have the time to spend one hour daily for exercise then you should go for physical exercise at least three times per week. If possible do work out on machines at the gym. You can use a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a stationary bike, a rowing machine or a stair climber. It is better to start exercising under the guidance of a trained professional. A personal trainer can provide you a customized workout plan according to your fitness level and your goals. During the weekend, you can even play your favorite sport, such as volleyball, tennis, cricket or football.

5.Breathing exercises:

Proper intake of oxygen is very essential to lead a healthy life as well to maintain healthy weight. With the right kind of breathing exercises you can give your body the benefits of oxygen. The more oxygen in your body means you will be able to burn more calories. The simplest breathing exercise is to take deep breath; hold it for a few seconds, breath out slowly. You must devote at least half an hour daily for breathing exercises.

6.Prepare your own food:

It is always a good idea to prepare most of your meals at home during the weekdays. This way you do not have to go to restaurants more often and during the weekend you can go out with your family or friends to enjoy your lunch or dinner. When you prepare your own food, you can choose your own ingredients and go for healthy options. Also you have a choice on how the food can be prepared. When you do not have the time to cook food then you can always opt for fresh fruits or a plate of salad. Those who do not know the art of cooking can always join cooking classes.

7.Eat small meals frequently:

Instead of having one or two large meal, it is advisable to eat five to six small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. When you eat more often, you consume less and will also keep your metabolism rate active. Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between the meals choose some healthy snacks. Also try to eat at the same time every day and your body will know exactly when to expect its next meal. At the same time try to eat slowly and calmly as that your brain can give you the right signal that your stomach is full and there is no need to eat more.

8.Drink more water:

Drink more water to lose weight fast. Water will not only help to flush out toxin from your body, but it will also make you feel healthier and fitter. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all. It is recommended to drink a glass of water before you eat anything and have another glass of water while you are having the meal. Water makes you feel fuller without the need of eating anything. Also if you want to lose weight fast, avoid tea, coffee or alcohol as they can cause dehydration. Loss of water in the body means weight gain.

9.Indulge in spicy foods.

By eating spicy food you can lose weight quickly. This is because spicy food items can improve your metabolism rate and help in burning calories faster as compared to other kinds of food items. For cooking try to use spices like cinnamon, garlic powder, turmeric, paprika, oregano and rosemary in more quantity. Also eat hot peppers as it help a lot to get rid of extra calories. Try to eat at least one spicy meal or snack daily.

10.Opt for healthy food items.

When it comes to choosing the right food items you need to avoid foods that are high in calories. Some foods that are very high in calories are salad dressing, mayonnaise, sour cream, and oils. Also avoid any prepared food that contains sugar, fructose, or corn syrup. All these foods should be avoided by anyone who is on the mission to lose weight. At the same time eat low-fat dairy products including low-fat cheeses and nonfat yogurt. Also use healthy oils like olive oil or canola oil for cooking.

11.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables:

Instead of eating high calorie foods and junk foods, you should eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruit will help to satisfy your sweet tooth due to the presence of natural sugars, while vegetables will fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of your body. When you are buying fruits and vegetables, choose the seasonal ones instead of the packaged version. Always carry one of your favorite fruit or some crunchy vegetables while going to office so that you can have it as a snack whenever you feel hungry. You can also start your morning with a bowl of fresh fruit salad or you can eat it as a dessert after having your dinner. On the other hand you can use vegetables to make your lunch or dinner plate.

12.Get enough sleep:

After a long day it is essential to give your body some rest. Try to sleep for at least six to eight hours daily so that your body feels refreshed the next day. Getting enough sleep is also crucial for your physical and mental health. At the same time it has been found that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain as sleeping is associated with metabolic changes that can lead to overeating and obesity.

13.Keep yourself busy:

Do not sit idle during your free time. Instead try to utilize your free time in a fruitful manner. It is important to bear in mind that when you are busy you can keep your mind away from food. This way you can avoid having extra food. To keep yourself busy you can do gardening or do some cooking or read your favorite book. Else you can choose to do some pending household chores or clean your wardrobe. If there is nothing to do you can do some Yoga or some light sitting exercises.

14.Keep yourself stress free:

If you are serious about losing weight, then it is very important to reduce your stress level. When you lead a stress free life, it becomes easier to get rid of excess weight and emotional baggage at the same time. When you are in stress, there is increase in the hormone named ‘cortisol’ in the body. This hormone can be the reason behind your extra weight. So, try to lead a stress free life if you are serious about losing weight.

If you want to lose weight faster, all you need to do is follow some of the above mentioned tips in your daily routine. Take control over your weight, and give your life a boost with these weight loss tips that actually work. Once you have made up your mind and before you know it, you’ll achieve your weight loss goal fast!

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