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14 Steps to Improve Eyesight

Without proper eye sight the whole world will become meaningless for you. Vision, a very precious gift, is a complex process, much of which happens in the brain. There are many things you can do to improve it. But first of all, let’s have a close look at what causes vision to worsen. Smoking, unhealthy diet plan, lack of sleep, too much stress, lack of exercise, sitting for long hours in front of computer screen, working in poor light, watching television from close proximity and so on.


Prevent Blindness America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to vision issues, estimates that 50,000 people lose their sight needlessly every year and that 80 million Americans are at risk of eye diseases that can lead to low vision and even blindness. The most common diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye disease are all preventable to some extent.

To improve your eyesight or to keep it from worsening you need to give it your attention and care. In fact, improving the vision of your eyes is a matter of changing the habitual way you see and use your eyes.

Here are 14 steps to improve your eyesight.

1. Relax your eyes:

Just like your body, your eyes also get tired and hence you need to do relaxation exercises. One easy exercise for your eyes is to place your hands together and rub them together gently until heat is generated and then place the warm hands over your eyes for a few seconds. This will help your eyes to relax. At the same time you can use alternating hot and cold compresses on your eyes daily to help relax them. Also remember to breathe fresh air as breathing produces a relaxation effect in the body, good for reducing stress. Also oxygen is very essential for the overall health of the eyes and brain.

2. Maintain eye moisture:

Maintaining the natural balance of moisture within your eyes is one of the most important things you can do to improve your eyesight and keep them healthy. Dry eyes can be itchy, red and even painful and dryness can also lead to corneal abrasions and even blindness if left untreated. You can avoid dryness of your eyes by trying to blink frequently, even when you are focused on watching TV or working on your computer. Also avoid staying at air-conditioned room for long hours as the dry air will suck the moisture out of eyes like a sponge.

3. Exercise your eyes:

To make the muscles of your eyes work in a better way, there are specific exercises you need to do on daily basis. For instance you need to follow the 20/20/20 exercise. This means every twenty minutes, focus on an object that is placed at least twenty feet away, for twenty seconds. This will make your eyes feel much better. Again put your thumb 5 inches away from your face and focus on it, after 5 seconds focus on something behind it. Do this for about 10 times and whenever you have time. To know about eye exercises, check this website www.webmd.com.

4. Enjoy walking:

Try to enjoy walking at least four times a week to improve your eyesight. It has been found that regular exercise can reduce the intraocular pressure, or IOP, in people with glaucoma. At the same time walking will also reduce your overall risk of developing glaucoma. For better result try to walk bare footed on green grass daily for about twenty minutes. You can even consult an eye specialist to know about many eye exercises that can naturally improve eyesight and overcome nearsightedness.

5. Get some sleep:

When you go for long periods of time without adequate sleep, then it is very obvious to feel extremely tired. At the same due to lack of sleep, even your vision can become blurry and it may also hurt to keep your eyes open for any longer time. Sleep is important to enjoy better eyesight as it allows overworked eye muscles to relax. So, try to get at least six to eight hours of sound sleep daily.

6. Protect your eyes from UV rays:

Limited exposure to sunlight is good for your eyes, but too much exposure can cause harm to your eyes. So, it is essential to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and its damaging UV rays.  You can protect your eyes by wearing good quality sunglasses that provide UV protection. Wear the sunglasses even when it is not a sunny day as it will also protect your eyes from the drying effects of wind. At the same time wear a broad-brimmed hat along with your sunglasses in order to block the UV radiation from entering your eyes from above or around glasses.

7. Nutritional diet:

Just like the rest of the body, the eyes need good nutrition to function well.  With the help of good nutrition and diet, you can improve your eyesight naturally and on your own. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables along with wholesome and unprocessed foods to improve your eyesight. Go for a diet plan that includes plenty of vitamins A and C, Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential nutrients that can help maximize your eye health. At the same time stay away from junk food. To know about the best foods for your eyes, check this website www.top10homeremedies.com.

8. Stay hydrated:

The average human body is made up of about 60% water, or even more. If you are having any kind of eye sight problem, try to increase your daily water intake. In addition, water has got many health benefits. Along with water you must also try to eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. At the same time you need to keep away from carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

9. Eat more vitamin A:

Night blindness and other eye problems can be caused by a vitamin A deficiency. This is why it is very essential to eat foods that contain good amount of Vitamin A.  Some good sources of Vitamin A are carrots, apricots, papaya, sweet potatoes, spinach, leafy vegetables, kale, butter, pumpkin, eggs, broccoli, winter squash, mango, peas and more. Vitamin A is good for the eyes but you must be extremely careful while taking Vitamin A enriched foods as too much consumption of such foods can be toxic.

10. Avoid room heater:

In order to maintain the health of your eyes, it is essential to turn down the heat in your house or office. Heat dries out the air which may cause dry eyes which is not at all a healthy sign. During the winter months, instead of using a room heater you must use a humidifier. Also try to bunch some plants in your living room. This way you can avoid having dry eyes and improve its eyesight.

11. Use your computer wisely:

Sitting for long hours in front of your computer screen is not at all good for your eyes. If you need to work on a computer for long hours then there are certain things that you need to bear in mind. First of all lower the brightness level of your computer’s monitor in order to help your eyes to relax. There is no need to lower it so much that you have trouble seeing, and avoid positioning your monitor so there are reflections. Also move your computer screen to just below eye level. Your eyes will close slightly when you are staring at the computer screen and this minimizing fluid evaporation and the risk of dry eye syndrome.

12. Take regular breaks:

If your eyes have to focus on a task for long periods of time, then it is very important to take regular breaks. Taking a ten minute break every hour can help prevent eye strain and give your eyes a chance to heal themselves. After working for one hour in front of your computer screen or watching television, stand up and stretch, take some deep breaths. This will help the blood circulation going smoothly and give your eyes a break. This is an important eye habit ass it helps to keep the eye muscles flexible and stops them from getting into a frozen position. Simply look up from your close-work every five minutes and gaze (focus) at a distant object for five seconds can make a huge difference for your eye’s health.

13. Remove eye makeup:

Most of us use eye makeup to enhance the look of our eyes and make them look more attractive and beautiful. It is very essential to use good quality eye makeup products as eye makeup is a great repository for bacteria, which can easily be transferred to your eyes and cause infections. Also replace your eye makeup products such as mascara every three months and other eye makeup once a year. Also at the end of the day it is essential to remove all your eye makeup. Use an eye makeup remover every night before going to bed. This prevents small pieces of particles from your eye makeup products from winding up in your eye and possibly scratching your cornea.

14. Regular eye check up:

Once in a year, you must visit an eye expert to check whether your eyes are functioning in a proper manner or not. At times slight problems in the eyes are not easy to detect on your own but after a thorough check up an expert can help to detect the problem. This is why a regular eye check-up is essentail in order to prevent any kind of eye sight problem. Also in case of any kind of eye problem, please discuss with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

To conclude, improving your eyesight takes dedication and hence you need to follow the above mentioned tips and suggestions regularly without any fail to achieve your goal of better eyesight.

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